Texaco Star Theater, May 1951

This was certainly the most popular show for the week it first aired. You will hear one joke in this show which is a reference to General Douglas MacArthur's famous speech of April 19, 1951, which ended with the phrase, "Old soldiers never die. They just fade away." I won't spoil it for you but when you hear the line you will understand the reference.

Here is "Uncle Miltie" having fun with Danny Thomas. The jokes are from Vaudeville and circus routines and just whatever they made up on the spot.

The sets were very low budget. My favorite set here is the exterior of Milton Berle's mansion.

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Texaco Star Theater

First Page of Texaco Star Theater

Third Page of Texaco Star Theater

Fourth Page of Texaco Star Theater

Radio Page of Texaco Star Theater

I have no connection with Texaco or the producers or actors of this show.

This is a public domain episode of Texaco Star Theater which someone was able to save when it first was broadcast. The picture quality is not great, but this most likely was made by pointing a movie camera at a TV screen in the days before video tape.

Milton often appeared in drag at the beginning of his show. He also used a lot of physical comedy. It is amazing he and his guest stars were not hurt every week.

This episode of Milton's popular show was probably being watched by about 80 percent of the people who had their TVs turned on when this shw was being broadcast.

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