Milton Berle on Kraft Music Hall, November 5, 1958

A fun show with the commercials as it aired more than fifty years ago. You will see an early TV appearance by then young Andy Griffith. He appears here with the man who once was the number one TV star, before Andy went on to become America's number one TV star.

Believe it or not, the quality of early TV shows was not always great. The reception was dependant on weather conditions and whether or not airplanes were flying overhead. The quality of this video is not good by today's standards, but it was probably not much better when audiences tuned in back in 1958.

Here is Milton Berle in a Western spoof sketch with singing psychiatrist Andy Griffith. This show also features a brief appearance by Jimmy Durante. The jokes are about recent elections in the Eisenhower era.

The recipes in the commercials probably are still very tasty. Kraft was a very famous brand even in the 1950s. They were a major sponsor on TV with their weekly variety show.

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Texaco Star Theater

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I have no connection with Texaco or the producers or actors of this show.

This is a public domain TV broadcast of the Kraft Music Hall Show. You will realize quickly that everything was live and even the singing numbers and commercials needed very professional microphones and big cameras that could move quickly. The dancers and performers were moving around in a very warm environment filled with hot lights.

This episode of the show is about 30 minutes long.

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